Kelly and Adam saw the name Xanthe on Waltzing More Than Matilda, and were immediately taken with it as a possible name for their second daughter. However, as time went on, they began to worry that Xanthe might be difficult for others to spell or pronounce, and wondered whether the name would be too much of a burden. So Kelly wrote in to the blog to ask what people thought.

I’m happy to report that Kelly felt reassured at the response she got from the public, and found our replies very helpful. As a result, when their baby girl arrived a few weeks ago, Kelly and Adam named her


little sister to Olive.

As soon as Kelly and Adam met their little girl, they knew Xanthe was the right name and it fits her perfectly, just as as Olive’s name was perfect from the start.

Generally they’ve had positive reactions from others, and most of their family and friends already knew how to spell and pronounce Xanthe, so there haven’t been any huge issues as yet. One thing they weren’t prepared for is that sometimes older people mishear the name as “Nancy“, especially over the phone.

Both Alexia Mae and Alison commented how sweet it would be to have two daughters with names starting with O and X (hug and kiss), which I thought was very fetching.

Congratulations to Kelly and Adam, and welcome Xanthe!

(Photo of heart-shaped biscuits from etsy)