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Lord Mayor Robert Doyle, and his wife, Emma Page Campbell, welcomed their first child together yesterday, on Anzac Day, and have named their son Henry Ian Bennett. Henry Doyle was born at 4.20 pm at Frances Perry House, a private obstretric hospital in Melbourne. Robert has three adult children named Andy, Bridie and Antonia with his first wife Jennifer.

Robert is a Liberal Party politician, with a background in teaching and school administration. He won the seat of Malvern in the 1992 state election, and had several important roles in the Kennett government. After becaming leader of the Liberal Party he lost the 2002 election by a large margin, taking the party to its worst-ever defeat in Victoria. In 2006 he resigned as opposition leader, and ended his term as MP of Malvern after another severe defeat in the polls. The following year, he was appointed chairman of Melbourne Health, which operates Royal Melbourne Hospital. In 2008, he was elected Lord Mayor of Melbourne. Robert’s great-great grandfather, Robert Bennett, served as Mayor of Melbourne in the early 1860s.

Emma is a lawyer at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, which promotes Australian screen culture. She and Robert were married in 2011 while on holiday in New York City.

Henry Doyle has been jokingly referred to as “Melbourne’s royal baby”, and with a princely name and famous family name in the middle, he certainly sounds the part.