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34.-ELIJAH-SSNRebecca and Daniel were having trouble agreeing on a name for their second son. Rebecca’s choice was Arlo, while Daniel’s was Ari, and they hoped to find a name that could meet them halfway.

Their little boy was born recently, and once he arrived, they decided on a name together very easily, which they both love. Their youngest son is


brother to Xavier.

Congratulations to Rebecca and Daniel for picking a handsome boy’s name that is a beautiful match with Xavier. I love that all their differences were resolved once they met their son, and it’s interesting that Elijah and Eli begin and end with vowels, just like Arlo and Ari.

Kim C suggested the name Elias, with the nickname Eli, which seems very close to the chosen name – thank you Kim!

(Sample name plate for Elijah from Alphabet Art Studio)