Australian credit reporting company Veda has analysed the credit scores of 4.6 million people, and tells us which names are associated with the highest and lowest ratings of credit worthiness in each age group.

Gen Y

Best: Brendan, Wei, Georgia, Ying

Worst: Harley, Kayla, Skye

Gen X

Best: Lachlan, Murray, Ying, Clare

Worst: Mohamed, Tammy, Ali

Baby Boomers

Best: Brendan, Penelope, Gillian, Ross

Worst: Jose, Henry, Gloria, Marlene

Silent Generation

Best: Trevor, Pauline

Worst: Arthur, Valeria

I thought this report was more interesting than usual, because it divided people by age, so we could see names judged within their peer group.

People called Brendan and Ying certainly seem to be very financially responsible, as these are both top-rated names of two generations!