Elise and Alex had already decided on the name Digby for their third child when someone else in their social circle used the name for their son. Feeling obliged to look for something else, Elise wrote in to the blog to ask for ideas on boys names.

In the end, they decided that they didn’t like anything else as much as Digby, and no other name was right for them, so they went ahead and used Digby for their baby, as they had planned.

Unfortunately, they were met with a frosty reception from the parents of the first Digby, and things have been a bit awkward between them ever since.

However, although disappointed with how the other parents have chosen to react to their news, Elise and Alex couldn’t be happier that they stuck with their favourite name, and know that they made the right choice.

Congratulations Elise and Alex, and welcome Digby!

You don’t have to abandon your favourite baby name just because someone else used it first, and this is yet another warning that it’s unreasonable to expect to have a name all to yourself, even if it’s not common.