Daisy Turnbull-Brown, and her husband Captain James Brown welcomed their first child on September 19, and have named their son Jack Alexander. Jack Turnbull-Brown was born in the morning, weighing 3.8 kg (8 lb 3 oz) and 55 cm long. Alexander is the name of Daisy’s brother.

Daisy is a history teacher, and James served as an officer in the Australian Army before becoming a Military Fellow at the Lowy Institute, researching military issues and defence policy. Daisy and James were married in 2010.

Daisy is the daughter of Liberal MP Malcolm Turnbull, member for the seat of Wentworth, and recently made Minister for Communications. Daisy’s mother Lucy Turnbull is a prominent businesswoman and former Mayor of Sydney.

Jack is the first grand-child for Malcolm and Lucy.

(Photo shows Daisy and James’ wedding day, with the bride and groom accompanied by their parents, and Daisy’s brother Alex)