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The Most International Popular Names

These names are all within ten places of each other on the Top 100s of Australia, England/Wales, and the United States, and should be equally familiar in all countries.


Ethan, James, Joshua, William


Ava, Ella, Emily, Isabella, Layla, Mia, Olivia

James and Olivia are the most international popular names, being no more than 2 places apart between any two countries.

You Saw it Here First

These are names which are already popular in Australia, but still rising toward the Top 100 in England/Wales and the United States.


Archer, Beau, Braxton, Jasper


Mila, Olive

Archer and Olive are the Australian popular names furthest ahead of international trends.

(The freshest names from the UK are Theodore and Elsie, and the freshest trends from the US are Jeremiah and Josiah – no popular American girls names were ahead of the trends).

Never Gonna Give You Up

These are names which have already left the Top 100 in the UK and US, but still remain popular in Australia.


Ashton, Hayden, Marcus, Mitchell, Patrick


Chelsea, Jade

Mitchell and Chelsea are the Australian popular names most behind international trends.

(The stalest names in the UK are Kyle and Bethany, while in the US, Gavin and Kylie are furthest past their used-by date).

Australia was the furthest ahead of international trends, and the USA most behind international trends – surely an indication of our different population sizes.

The Least International Popular Names

These names are common in one country, but rarely used in the others.

Most Australian Name: Darcy for a boy – it is considered feminine in the UK and US

Most British Name: Mackenzie for a boy – it is considered feminine in Australia and the US

Most American Names: Easton (boy) and Genesis (girl)