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AFL footballer Liam Picken, and his partner Annie Nolan, welcomed twin girls in the autumn and have named their daughters Delphi and Cheska. The twins have only recently left hospital, as they were born premature. Delphi and Cheska are baby sisters to Malachy, aged 2 – Malachy’s birth was announced on the blog.

Liam has been playing Australian rules football professionally since 2009, and has always been with the Western Bulldogs. He is the son of Billy Picken, who played for Sydney and Collingwood in the 1970s and ’80s, and the cousin of Jonathan Brown, who is captain of the Brisbane Lions. Liam recently played his 100th game for the Western Bulldogs, and walked out through the banner with Malachy.

Delphi is a Greek place name, the ancient site of the Delphic Oracle to Apollo; its name means “womb”, and it may have begun as a worship site to the Earth Goddess. Later it was connected to “dolphin”.

Cheska is short for Francesca. It is perhaps best known from blogger and PR rep Cheska Hull, who starred on reality TV series, Made in Chelsea.

(Photo shows Liam and Annie with Malachy)