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682957-ebbeny-farandaNews presenter Ebbeny Faranda, and her husband Omar Varinda, welcomed their first child on April 9 and have named their son Onyx. Onyx Varinda was born on 9.04 am, weighed 3.6 kg (7lb 15oz), and measured 51.5 cm in length.

Ebbeny presents the news on a local Western Australian edition of Channel Nine’s afternoon news. She has also filled in on the Perth evening news edition, and A Current Affair. Her husband Omar is a bank manager.

Onyx is a name that Ebbeny and Omar both love, and they always knew this would be their baby’s name if it was a boy. Ebbeny says that it is strong and a bit different, and gives their son the same initials as his father. It also has connotations of being dark and precious, like Ebbeny’s own name (onyx isn’t always black, but this is its most common colouring).