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sibling1wide-420x0These are questions on sibling names that people have Googled to reach my blog. I did have fun dreaming up matching sibsets.


Isobel and Bella, names too close [as siblings]?

I think they are, since they are variations of the same name.

Arlo and Ezra [as] sibling names; [do they] go [together]?

They both begin and end with vowels, they both have two syllables, and they are both not-quite-unisex-but-not-quite-not-either. This makes them alike enough to go together without being super matchy, and this is a hip brotherly sibset.

Is Lucy a good sibling name for Arabella?

I think it’s an excellent sibling name. Arabella and Lucy sound very elegant together, like something from an 18th century novel.

Are Lachlan and Callum too similar names [as siblings]?

No, I think they make a nice Scottish sibset of popular names. I can only think that their sister will be Isla.

Olivia and Sophia as siblings

They sound almost too pretty together: actually Olivia and Sophia are the sisters in Oliver Goldsmith’s novel The Vicar of Wakefield. In the book, their names are both chosen from romantic novels that their mother is reading.

Reuben and Isaac as a sibset

Great! They are both Old Testament names that are patiently climbing the popularity charts, and go together really well.

Millie and Elsie – sibling names

I’d say this is a perfect match of cute vintage nicknames rising rapidly in popularity. It might be a little hard to add another sister without breaking the pattern or sending the cute factor through the roof though.

Stanley and Evelyn – sibset

I actually love them as siblings – they are both classic English names that are becoming more fashionable, but don’t sound matchy together. There’s just enough of a clash to seem interesting.

Are Lola and Iona too close girl’s names [as siblings]?

I’m not sure whether they are too close, but to me they are a slight mismatch. Iona seems a bit too serious for cute Lola, and I’d probably anticipate something like Ruby or Zoe to match her. However, these unexpected sibsets can be refreshing.


Siblings for Layla (asked more than once)

Sisters: Evie, Grace, Jasmine, Sophie, Willow, Zara

Brothers: Connor, Fabian, Gabriel, Rylan, Samuel, Tighe

Matchy names to go with Poppy

I don’t think you can get any more matchy than other flower names, such as Daisy and Rose. Floral sibsets including Poppy seem quite popular.

Virtue names to go with Wyatt

Sisters: Amity, Blythe, Ever, Faith, Liberty, Temperance

Brothers: Justice, Lucky, Maverick, Pax, True, Zeal

Brother to Violet

Arthur, Caspian, Dexter, Edward, Henry, Sebastian

Names to go with Henry and Barnaby

General advice: I’d steer clear of another name ending in an -ee sound, or you’ll end up with a sibset that sounds like it’s from a cartoon (check nicknames also). For fun, try a four syllable name like Nathaniel or Octavia so that each name increases by one syllable.

Sisters: Alice, Cordelia, Eleanor, Florence, Jemima, Mabel

Brothers: Casper, Felix, Maxwell, Otis, Rupert, Wilfred

Siblings for Jude [using] popular names

Sisters: Abigail, Eden, Hannah, Lily, Piper, Scarlett

Brothers: Ashton, Elijah, Leo, Oliver, Toby, Zac

Biblical and Australian boy names to go with Matilda

If you want a Biblical name which reminds me strongly of Australia, it would be James, after James Cook. And I think Matilda and James do sound nice together.

Siblings to match Edgar

Sisters: Audrey, Beatrice, Cecilia, Daphne, Harriet, Penelope

Brothers: Albert, Charles, Giles, Hugo, Theodore, Vincent

Baby boy name to match Harper, Flynn and William

Angus, Patrick, or Riley.

Sibling names for Clementine

Sisters: Aurelia, Beatrix, Eloise, Genevieve, Isadora, Lucinda

Brothers: Alistair, Hugo, Jasper, Lysander, Miles, Rafe

Sister to go with sibset Robert and Matthew

I’m thinking another sensible classic, like Catherine, Elizabeth, Josephine, Louisa, Sarah or Victoria.

Do you have your own sibling suggestions for any of these, or can you think of something that would be a better match?