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colourful-paints-colors-24236829-1920-1312I love poring over names in historical records, and I even made a Category for historical records, without ever adding much to it. It’s time this was remedied, and here is the first list I have drawn up for the series. Last Sunday I covered the fascinating name Orange, and here are some more interesting colour names from the records.

Black, White and Grey

  • Taupe Amon (emigrated 1883 to Sydney, New South Wales)
  • Brunette Black (resided 1903 in Brisbane, Queensland)
  • Doris Jet Black (born 1900 in Maclean, New South Wales)
  • Brighty Sable Bowden (born 1883 in Clarence, Tasmania)
  • Ivory Rose Fitzgerald (died 1903 in Queensland)
  • Prosper Ivory Gough (born 1878 in Sydney, New South Wales)
  • Victor Grey Green (born 1905 in Mersey, Tasmania)
  • Blanche Blonde Officer (born 1881 in Tower Hill, Victoria)

Blue and Green

  • Robert William True Blue Ainsworth (born 1884 in Will, Victoria)
  • Blue Fish (cited as the father on a gravestone dated 1939 in Sydney, NSW)
  • Olive Green (born 1878 in Adelaide, South Australia)
  • Verdant Green (born 1861 in Sydney, New South Wales)
  • Cyan Hook (migrated 1924 to Melbourne, Victoria)
  • Azure Josephine Marguerite McCasker (born 1927 in Queensland)
  • Emily Aqua Sparrow (born 1902, Mount Torrens, South Australia)
  • Blue Stockings (died 1875 in Queensland)
  • Teal Wang (died 1953 in Perth, Western Australia)


  • Laura Lavender Blue Boyce (died 1937 in Sydney, New South Wales)
  • Theodore Lavender Bunting (died 1942 in Geelong, Victoria)
  • Maroon Day (born 1893 in Sydney, New South Wales)
  • Mauve Dulaghan (emigrated 1958 to Sydney, New South Wales)
  • Tyrian Gibbon – married name (resided 1954 in Brisbane, Queensland)
  • Clethra Erubescent Lavender Nicholls (born 1891 in Redhill, South Australia)
  • Puce Pavell (emigrated 1875 to Sydney, New South Wales)
  • Lilac Pearl Luxford Virgo (born 1895 in Balaclava, South Australia)

Red and Pink

  • Ruby Coral Bandt (born about 1907 in South Australia)
  • Coral Ivy Pearl Blizzard (born about 1894, died in Wynard, Tasmania)
  • Miri Red Summerson Crossley (born 1887 in Melbourne, Victoria)
  • Frederick Red Rover Hardy (born 1866 in Queensland)
  • Magenta Chiffon Hensley (born 1904)
  • Percival Red Hood (born 1891 in Victoria)
  • Valentine Cerise Marsh (born 1910 in Queensland)
  • Red Archibald Jerome Ohea (born 1896 in Briton, Victoria)
  • Pink Penny (born 1896 in Warracknabeal, Victoria)
  • Carmine Rose (born 1889 in Sydney, New South Wales)
  • Burgundy Severance (emigrated 1912 to Fremantle, Western Australia)
  • Joseph Pink Starr (born 1872 in Athelstone, South Australia)
  • John Red Honeysuckle Yorkie Wilks (born 1885 in East Wellington, South Australia)

Yellow and Orange

  • “Yellow Dick” – criminal alias (born about 1812, arrested in New South Wales)
  • Saffron Gay (no date given, Western Australia)
  • Loyal Orange Hore (born 1897 in Zeehan, Tasmania)
  • “Ginger” Lawless – real name Ray Lawless (born 1949, died in Kingsborough, Tasmania)


  • Auburn Brown (born 1885 in Sydney, New South Wales)
  • Auburn Hair (born 1895 in Sydney, New South Wales)
  • Chocolate Lilywhite (resided 1930 in Sydney, New South Wales)
  • Caramel Sultana (migrated 1952 to Adelaide, South Australia)
  • Rust Wake (born about 1907, died in Northampton, Western Australia)

Gold and Silver

  • Hurtle Milford Gold Biggs (died 1966 in South Australia)
  • Daniel Gold Boon (born about 1895, died in Melbourne, Victoria)
  • Adelaide Gold Burner (born 1886 in Unley, South Australia)
  • Silver Bell Eddy (born 1899 in Zeehan, Tasmania)
  • May Silver Thorne Flower (born 1896 in Melbourne, Victoria)
  • Rose Ann Silver Fox (married 1911 in Queensland)
  • John Gold Hunter (died 1894)
  • Silver Price (born 1886 in Dubbo, New South Wales)
  • William Alexander Gold Steel (died 1928 in Queensland)
  • Silver Hope Tonks (born about 1903 in Hobart, Tasmania)
  • Ellen Silver Virtue (born about 1904, died in Longford, Tasmania)
  • Argent Wing (born about 1916, died in Ulverstone, Tasmania)