Some extraordinarily good news for Victorian name watchers – Victoria has publicly released its entire name data for 2012. That is, all names that were used more than 5 times.

You can now check to see how many babies in Victoria were given any name in 2012, whether it be Ada or Zol. If the name doesn’t appear, then it means it was used five or less times, and is therefore considered very rare.

There were 696 names given to girls, and 650 given to boys, but it seemed to me that the boys had a more exotic selection of names.

The birth data has been made available through the Herald Sun. Click this link to see the complete name data.

Blue Juniper from Baby Name Ponderings has very kindly turned the raw data into a spreadsheet, so you can see the rankings for each name. You can also see the Top 100 names already!

Complete Name Data from Victoria (courtesy of Blue Juniper)

I’m guessing quite a few people’s wishes will have come true with this announcement, so if this news pleases you, it might be a nice gesture to drop a line to Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria and let them know you appreciate their generosity.

And thank you very much to Blue Juniper – it would be nice if you thanked her as well!