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isadoraEmily and David found choosing a name for a second child a bit harder than for a first, and Emily wrote in because she was having doubts about a couple of names on their shortlist.

After receiving lots of helpful answers, the shortlist was whittled down to just two names, and they decided to wait until the baby was born before making the final choice.

Their daughter was born last month, and her name is:


little sister to Clementine.

Cressida was the front-runner on the list, but once their little girl arrived, they could see that she was an Isadora. Emily and David absolutely love her name, and have received several compliments on it already.

I can understand why, because Isadora is a gorgeous name, and goes beautifully with Mathilde, as well as being a lovely match with her sister.

Congratulations on your new daughter, Emily and David, and good work on choosing the perfect baby name!

(Photo shows an album cover for a band named Isadora)