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Soccer player Heather Garriock, and her partner Mat Louchart, welcomed their first child last month, and have named their daughter Kaizen Rose. Kaizen Louchart’s birth was announced on Facebook.

Heather started out playing for Australian teams, before playing overseas for clubs in the United States and Denmark. In 2008, she was drafted into the prestigious Women’s Professional Soccer League in America, where she played for the Chicago Red Stars. On her return to Australia, she went back to Sydney FC. She has played for the women’s national team, the Matildas, since she was a teenager, and attended two Olympic Games with them. Heather runs the Macarthur Youth Football Academy in Camden.

Mat is originally from France, and he and Heather met in Abu Dhabi while she was playing in a tournament.

Kaizen is the Japanese word for “improvement, change for the better”. The word has entered the English language to refer to the Japanese philosophy of continuous small improvements in business processes in the workplace, and applied to almost any industry. The word is pronounced KY-zen, and makes for an interesting modern virtue name.