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Kate and Steve couldn’t agree on a baby name, as she liked old-fashioned retro names, and he preferred something more modern.

After reading my response, Kate realised she did want something that matched with their daughter’s name, scrapped all her name lists, and went back to the drawing board.

She chose a girl’s name from Appellation Mountain, where it was featured as a “Name of the Day”, and she picked a boy’s name that she saw on Waltzing More Than Matilda. However, Kate is almost certain that she is having a boy this time.

Steve needed a little bit of time to think it over, but within a week or two he had warmed up to them and decided he liked both! He especially likes the nickname for the girl’s name.

I won’t spoil the surprise, but the names have that perfect blend of sounding old-fashioned, yet contemporary, and are a wonderful match with their daughter’s name.

The good news is: yes you can find a name when each person has different tastes, and it can be something you both love.