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Fred and Hugh

Ginger and Ripley – both girls

Hamish Fraser and Oliver Charles

Isabel Charlotte and Eloise Paige (Allegra)



Carla Frances Annette

Claire Saoirse (Jordy, Caoilainn)

Hermione Talullah (Sigourney)

Indiana Matisse

Isla Jasmyn Meika (Mia, Ava, Breannan, Zach)

Josi Scarlette Juli (Jena)

Koa Belle

Leni Shy (Ky, Percy)

Madyson Giselle Taylor (Mayson)

Mattea Frankie

Misa (Kira)

Oleara Taylor

Tarli Rose Irene

Taylah Yolani

Zara Victoria Frances



Angus Alexander Jiaxian (Violet, Robert)

Archie Michael John (Scarlett)

Benedict Thomas (Theodora)

Cameron David Speirs

Frederick Harry Facundo (Phoebe, Bill)

Jim Phillip (Tom, Ned)

Luke Kevin Mauricio (Eve)

Max Kevin Ross

Milan Jack Raffoul

Nate Jacques (Levi)

Reeve Tucker (Harvie, Kobi)

Samuel Michael David (Henry, Kathleen)

Seve (Carla)

Tyce Sonny

Zois Nondas (Silas)

(Picture shows the Melbourne Art Fair, which took place during August; photo from Time Out)