Aina Clara

Amelie Brigitte Autumn (Hercule)

Ayla Doris (Jacob, Talia)

Callisto Grace “Calli”

Claudia Belle (Charlie)

Harlow Mabel (Cooper, Sonny)

Iris Arianwen (Alec, Amelie, Rafe)

Mary Frances

Remy Lou (Charlie, Oscar, Evie)

Sophie Rose Ivy (Connor, Layla)



Archie Caelan (Bronte, Caelan)

Billy Bruce (Brayden, Lewis)

Brook Brian (Sasha, Jacob)

Cash David Arthur (Summer)

Hector Dashiell Camac (Edmund)

Hugh Daniel Robert

Jeremy Mains

Montgomery Henry (Archibald)

Vijay Joseph (Tom, Dellan, Darren)

Zachary William Robert (Sienna)

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(Picture shows jousting at the Winterfest Medieval Fair, which was held at  Parramatta Park in western Sydney June-July 2012)