Brandi is expecting twin girls in September, and thinks she has the final names in place, but would like to get more opinions before they are born.

The names are:

Maude Magnolia Faye


Poppy Viola Ruth

Viola, Faye and Ruth are all family names that must be used, while Maude, Poppy and Magnolia are names that Brandi loves.

  1. Brandi is from the Central South of the United States on the Great Plains, and wonders if the names Maude and Poppy sound too much like Ma and Pa in the accent of her region? They say the names MAWD and PAW-pee, and Ma and Pa like MAW and PAW (I think).
  2. Brandi’s other children are named Bryce, Max, Jack and Pearl. Does Poppy clash because it’s two-syllables, or is it too matchy with Pearl?
  3. Is there a chance that the twins’ names could get confused into Moppy and Paude? Or will that happen with any set that is commonly referred to together?

Brandi wants to know if anyone can see “issues” with the names that she has missed; she would love feedback and is open to suggestions. She also loves the name Clementine, and almost chose that as her husband didn’t like Maude, but when he suddenly changed his mind they went with Maude after all.


Well, you’re asking for opinions, and mine is that Maude and Poppy are absolutely delightful names for twins. I think they’re pretty and retro-chic, and they sound great together – they’ve got a British Revival kind of feel to them. I adore the name Clementine, and Clementine and Poppy would also sound charming, should you happen to change your minds again.

I don’t think I can really comment on the accent issue; it’s hard for foreigners to understand all the nuances of another country’s way of speaking. (I did read several articles on your state’s accent, and opinions ranged from “they’re not Southern” to “they sound like Australians” to “they don’t have an accent”, so I’m confused). All I can think is, if they do happen to sound similar to the words Ma and Pa, there’s a lot of names that sound similar to certain words, and nobody really thinks about it.

I don’t think Poppy clashes or is too matchy with the rest of the sibset. I think the names go together nicely, as they’re all short, simple names. I don’t think Clementine would clash either, but it would probably stand out very slightly, being a longer name. I don’t think it’s a problem though.

There probably is a chance that the names could get confused into Moppy and Paude occasionally, but yes, I do think that’s something that could happen with almost set of names. I often say people’s names the wrong way around when I’m tired or stressed, and I would definitely have called your sons Max and Jack “Mack and Jax” by now if they were mine! I just can’t see this as a big deal, and if you can cope with Max and Jack, you can definitely cope with Maude and Poppy.

I can’t really see any “issues” that the names have, at least no more than the usual amount for names. It’s possible you’re over-thinking things a bit, or have said them over and over so many times that they are starting to sound a bit peculiar.

So basically it’s a thumbs up from me. What do you think, dear Readers? Loving Maude and Poppy, or are you foreseeing problems that I’ve totally missed? Feel free to share!

NOTE: The twins’ names are Marigold Mora Faye and Poppy Viola Ruth!