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In 2010, Emily did not even make the Top 20, and last year she made the #1 position. In 2009 she was at #7. Isabella and Olivia were joint winners of 2010, and last year they were bumped down to #9 and #6 respectively.

The biggest riser was Amelia, who went up 7 places. Chloe, Ruby and Lily also rose significantly, while Mia and Sophie made modest gains.

The name which fell the most was Isabella; Charlotte and Olivia also fell several places, while Ava, Hannah and Matilda fell slightly.

Grace and Ella were the only names which remained stable.

There were several new names on the list. Sienna, Bella and Scarlett are Top 20 for the first time, while Zoe was last seen in 2009, and Hayley reappeared after five year’s absence.

Layla, Jessica, Alexis, Lucy, Isla and Jade disappeared from the Top 20.

A familiar pattern for the boys, with Jack being toppled from first place, to be overtaken by William; we’ve seen this in several other states also.

Liam rose the most, at 5 places, with William and Ethan also rising.

Jacob was the anti-Liam, falling 5 places (Jacob and Isabella falling the most! Please insert Twilight theory here!). Lachlan fell slightly.

Much more stability on the boy’s list, with Jack, James, Thomas, Lucas, Noah, Ryan and Cooper remaining stable, and Joshua and Samuel not changing position at all.

Although there were several new names on the list, only Alexander was appearing for the first time. Oliver and Tyler were last seen in 2009, Cameron in 2007 and John and Benjamin all the way back in 2005.

Gone from the list are Charlie, Isaac, Max, Riley, Xavier and Michael. Another area where Riley did poorly; however, the Northern Territory is unusual that Charlie fell here. Could both names now seem too feminine?

The Northern Territory may be the most conservative of all states and territories when it comes to boy’s names, with far less change than on the girl’s list – the opposite to most states and territories, who seem to be hanging onto girls’ names and changing their minds when it comes to boys.

With the publication of the Northern Territory data and the Top 100 for Australia being released, that’s it for the 2011 name data! Now to wait and see what 2012 will bring.

If you are still hungry for name data and want more, the US will release theirs in the next few weeks, I believe.

NOTE: I used absolute positions based on overall births when analysing the data for the Northern Territory, due to the small population and many names sharing position.