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Obviously all names are created at some point, but these are ones whose origins  seem easier to spot than most, or which were created for a specific purpose, or for a person who later became famous.


Alinta (an Aboriginal name meaning “fire”, used by a power company as their name)

Chevelle (a make of car)

Chevi (from Chevy, a make of car)

Cordelia (seems to have been created by Shakespeare for King Lear, from older sources)

Evangeline (said to have been created by Longfellow in his poem of the same name, from Greek)

Haidee (created by Byron in his poem Don Juan, probably from Greek)

Iridessa (one of the Disney Fairies in the Tinkberbell films; based on the word iridescent?)

Jovie (a character from the movie Elf; based on the word jovial?)

Juliet (created by Shakespeare for Romeo and Juliet; an Anglicisation of Giulietta)

Katara (a character from Avatar: The Last Airbender TV show; the word for an Indian dagger)

Lorna (created by R.D. Blackmore for his novel Lorna Doone; perhaps from a Scottish place name)

Lyra (created by Philip Pullman for the His Dark Materials series, from the constellation)

Miranda (created by Shakespeare for The Tempest, from Latin)

Mahalia (singer Mahala Jackson put an i in her name to become Mahalia Jackson)

Mavis (created by Marie Corelli for The Sorrows of Satan; old name for a song thrush)

Miakoda (touted as a Native American name, but actually from an obscure 1970s sci-fi novel)

Miette (often used in French cinema and from The Sleeping Ballet ballet; means “crumb, morsel”)

Miley (nickname of actress Destiny Cyrus, based on the word smiley)

Nessa (an angelic character mentioned in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings)

Perdita (created by Shakespeare for The Winter’s Tale, from Latin)

Pollyanna (perhaps created by Eleanor H. Portman for her novel of the same name)

Scout (nickname of Jean Finch, the narrator of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird)

Shara (a place name in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time fantasy series).

Solara (a make of car)

Talaara (a character from World of Warcraft role-playing game)

Talitha (taken from an Aramaic phrase in the New Testament, meaning “little girl)

Tandia (seemingly created by Bryce Courtenay for his novel of the same name; an African surname)

Vanessa (created by Jonathan Swift for his poem Cadmus and Vanessa, based on a friend’s name)

Zali (ski-er Zali’s Steggall’s name seems to be a created name, possibly from a Slavic place name)



Arda (the name given to Earth in Tolkien’s fantasy world)

Aslan (the name of the Christ-like Lion in C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia series)

Atreju (original German name for Atreyu from The Neverending Story)

Bam (nickname of skateboarder Brandon Margera, from the onomatopoeic word)

Bambam (a character from The Flintstones cartoon; onomatopoeic)

Caeulum (the Latin word for “sky, heavens”)

Che (nickname of revolutionary Ernesto Guevara; slang for “mate, buddy, pal”)

Dorian (used as a name by Oscar Wilde for The Portrait of Dorian Gray, from Greek)

Dre (nickname of radio personality André “Doctor Dré” Brown, short for his first name)

Jaylen (based on Jalen; basketballer Jalen Rose’s name is James + Leonard)

Jharral (based on Jharal; NRL player Jharal Yow Yeh’s name is the initials of the men in his family)

Kailo (from a Proto-Indian-European word meaning “whole, healthy”)

Keanu (seemingly created by the parents of actor Keanu Reeves)

Neo (main character from The Matrix movies, Latin for “new”)

Reiv (character from the Fire Emblem video games)

Rohan (a place name in Tolkien’s fantasy world)

Sonova (a combination of the Latin words for sound and new)

Stryder (Strider is the alias of Aragorn in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings)

Thorion (character from the comic book Thorion of the New Asgods)

Tynnan (a species in the Star Wars franchise)