I still seem to be catching up with celebrity babies of 2011:

Fashion buyer Yasmin Sewell, and her partner Kyle Robinson, welcomed a son in October last year named Knox Rocket Robinson. Yasmin and Kyle discussed names for the entire pregnancy, and after their son was born, spent a few days narrowing it down from a very diverse list. However, they now feel Knox Rocket is absolutely right for him.

Yasmin is regarded as the most powerful fashion buyer in London. Her London boutique was patronised by celebrities, and she has worked for both Brown’s and Liberty’s. Currently, she writes a blog for Vogue and has her own consultancy. Last month she received Britain’s Young Australian of the Year Award, at the same Australia House dinner where Barry Humphries got the main prize. She was briefly married to Australian-British actor Rufus Sewell; her name before that was Yasmin Abdallah.

Kyle Robinson is a fellow expatriate Australian, and owns a fashion showroom called Paper Mache Tiger. Yasmin and Kyle were married shortly before Yasmin’s prize-giving ceremony.

Another fashion story from 2011 that I seem to have totally missed, so oblivious am I to the world of style:

Sydney fashion PR boss Roxy Jacenko, and her fiancé, stockbroker Oliver Curtis, welcomed a daughter named Pixie-Rose in August last year. Roxy has since become (in)famous for taking three hours maternity leave, being attached to her Blackberry that soon after giving birth.

Roxy is the head of fashion PR company Sweaty Betty, which once employed Geoff Huegill’s wife Sara (oddly enough I first heard about this PR firm on Elea’s blog, British Baby Names). Roxy recently wrote a glossy-type novel called Strictly Confidential, in which all the characters are thinly-disguised portraits of Sydney identities.

Oliver is the son of multi-millionaire Nicholas Curtis, the founder of Sino Resources and executive chairman of the Lynas Corporation. Last year Oliver was investigated for insider trading, but no charges were laid against him. However, his best friend who passed him the tips and who made 1.9 million dollars in illegal profits has been gaoled for 4 and a half years.

Roxy and Oliver are set to marry next month.