Motorcycle racing star Casey Stoner, and his wife Adriana, welcomed their first child yesterday. Their daughter Alessandra Maria was born late in the evening on February 16, weighing 2.8 kg (a bit over 6 pounds). Alessandra Stoner was born on the birthday of Italian multiple MotoGP champion, Valentino Rossi.

Casey learned to ride a motorcycle as a toddler, and has been competing since he was four years old. At the age of 14 he moved to England, because they allow professional competing two years younger than in Australia. He has won the MotoGP twice, including last year, and in the past six seasons, is the only rider to win more MotoGP races than seven-time champion Valentino Rossi, out-gunning the Italian great 33 wins to 26.

Adriana (nee Tuchyna) is from Adelaide and is the daughter of a motorcycle racer. She first met Casey in 2003, when she asked him to sign her stomach. They began a relationship two years later, after she had turned 16. Casey and Adriana were married in January 2007, and Casey has said publicly that marriage has made him calmer and a better racer. The Stoners are currently based in Switzerland.