Melbourne horse trainer Mick Sell, and his wife Mel, welcomed their third child in unusual circumstances. Their daughter Louise Maree was born around 5 pm on January 14, beside the Tullamarine Freeway, underneath the Melbourne Zoo exit sign. As with similar stories seen on the blog, Melissa was heading off to the Royal Women’s Hospital to give birth, when Louise insisted on being born there and then. She was delivered with the help of Melissa’s friend Julie, and the paramedics. Louise Sell joins siblings Sarah, 8, and Joe, 5.

Mick trains 20 horses not far from the Kyneton track. On Australia Day, he took five horses to a race meeting at Kyneton, which had been transferred from Hanging Rock. All five of his horses won their races that day, an unbelievable result which made Mick think that baby Louise was his lucky charm. Mel says a few people have offered to buy their daughter since then. The winning horses were Cashzoo, Vopop, Dance Crew, Whiskey Fur, and Enchanting Waters, which won the Hanging Rock Cup.

Just a few days earlier, Mick’s dad Ron, part-owner of Enchanting Waters, had been diagnosed with cancer, and Enchanting Waters’ breeder Maurie Bloom, died last Christmas Eve. Mick says that the day put a smile on people’s faces who needed cheering up. He was able to visit Ron in hospital and present him with two gifts: the Hanging Rock Cup, and his new grand-daughter.

(Story and photo from the Herald Sun, February 1 2012; photo shows the entire Sell family with Enchanting Waters. Headline incorrectly identifies Louise as Mick’s son).