It’s clearly weather presenter baby season this May, because on Wednesday May 25, Channel 9’s Today show weather presenter, Steve Jacobs, and his wife Rose Kelly, a presenter on The Weather Channel, welcomed a baby girl called Isabella Anthonette.

He explained to Today‘s Georgie Gardner that they chose the name Isabella because when they heard it, both their hearts “melted”, and they knew it was the perfect name for her. They interpret the name as meaning “beautiful”. The middle name is the Dutch form of Antoinette, and it was Steve’s mother’s name; he became teary-eyed thinking about his daughter carrying on her grandmother’s name. According to the text message he sent from the hospital, Isabella’s nickname will be Issy.

Isabella Jacobs was born at Prince of Wales Hospital; she weighed 2.24 kg, and was 49 cm long. Steve and Rose were married in May last year.

You can watch a video of the Steve, Rose and Isabella on the Today show by clicking here.