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Here is a selection from the multiples who were submitted to Bonds Baby Search 2016. I noticed that in a lot of cases, they could be sorted into groups, depending on how their names were matched up. You can see that in several cases the names could be fitted into more than one category.


Two Boys
Arian and Ario
Carter and Cooper
Harvey and Huey
Hassan and Hussaien
Jack and John
Lennie and Lewie
Mateo and Marko

Two Girls
Harmehar and Harliv
Harper-Lee and Hunter-Rae
Lilly and Lola
Makayla and Mackenzie
Maryah-Lee and Mayah
Mila and Mika
Pratyush and Prashun
Sahara and Savannah
Zaida and Zahlia

Carter and Carlea-Jane
Chalia and Charlie
Cruz and Charlize
Harlow and Harlem
Jayke and Jaide
Kalani and Keanu
Zaia and Zaden


Two Boys
Bailey and Beau
Baxter and Bentley
Charlie and Chris
Colby and Connor
Hudson and Harvey
Jack and Josh
Jadon and Josiah
Jakai and Jenoah
James and Jonathan
Mason and Max
Noah and Nicholas
Roman and Ryder

Two Girls
Addison and Arizona
Evelyn and Ella
Ivy and Isabelle
Jasmine and Julia
Karise and Kaitlyn
Madison and Matilda
Mckenzie and Marlie
Millie and Maci
Paige and Pietra
Sophie and Scarlett
Summmer and Skylah

Addelyn and Austin
Amalia and Alexander
Bella and Brandon
Casey and Kara
Elsie and Edward
Hailen and Harmony
Sienna and Sebastian
Solomon and Sylvia
Tahlia and Tyrone
Tiffany and Tony
Zachary and Zara


Two Boys
Ashton and Lennon
Charlie and Tommy
Eddie and Alby
Jaxton and Brighton
Jayden and Logan
Jordan and Christian
Kieran and Ethan
Kobie and Harvie
Ollie and Archie
Romeo and Mario
Sebastian and Fabian
Tate and Emmett

Asha and Maya
Dottie and Lucy
Evie and Lexie
Gabriella and Cristina
Indi and Tahli
Juliet and Scarlett
Kayla and Alyssa
Liberty and Mackenzie
Luella and Drea
Mary and Bethy
Mia and Ella
Norah and Mikaela
Olivia and Sienna
Parinoor and Avinoor
Tasmeen and Raneem
Zosia and Lasia
Sophia, Victoria and Isabella

Alexander and Summer
Alexis and Travis
Bailey and Julie
Charlie and Billie
Corey and Lucy
Ezekiel and Abigail
Jonah and Milana
Katelyn and Tristan
Luca and Allira
Maddelyn and Hayden
Noah and Mia
Rigby and Frankie
Riley and Mackenzie


Ayden and Blake (AY)
Brock and Koby (K)
Harvey and Levi (V)
Hudson and Maddox (D)
Ishaan and Ayush (SH)
Kayden and Quade (AYD)
Lux and Nixon (X)
Rocco and Luca (hard C)
Taylor and Peyton (AY)
Zander and Anthony (AN)
Zoravar and Ranveer (V)
Samuel, Braxton and Dastan (short A)

Two Girls
Baylor and Saige (AY)
Brielle and Emilia (L)
Jade and Gracie (AY)
Nova and Violet (V)
Phoebe and Sapphire (PH)
Scarlett and Harper (AR)
Stella and Lulu (L)
Vienna and Evelyn (V)
Winter and Scarlett (T)

Asher and Charlotte (SH)
Eli and Shiloh (long I)
Koa and Jaykai (K)
Oliver and Ava (V)
Stella and Miles (L)


Beau and Leon
Hugh and Sean
Jack and Axel
Jax and Taj
Jude and Arlo
Levi and Trey
Luca and Enzo
Omar and Eyad
Ted and Gus
Zac and Jai
Leo, Max and Pat

Ava and Mia
Indy and Aria
Mimi and Lara
Ruby and Lola

Hugo and Lola
Jake and Ella
Kane and Ruby
Loki and Thea
Maya and Yuri
Neve and Will
Zak and Mia


Ash and Beau (A and B)
Carter and Lincoln (US presidents)
Odin and Gabriel (god and angel)
Oscar and Finn (Irish heroes)
Vision and Rhythm (sight and sound)
Byron, Chevy and Reef (surf’s up)

Two Girls
Ashley and Brooke (A and B)
Amena and Zaynab (A to Z)
Breeze and Gypsy (freedom to wander)
Brooklyn and Savannah (US cities)
Destiny and Eternity (secular virtues)
Faith and Zoe (faith and life)
Oriana and Nevaeh (golden heaven)
Saturn and Rainbow (sky-related)
Scarlette and Jayde (colours)
Sophia and Grace (theological virtues)
Trinity and Serenity (virtues)

Armani and Zane (A to Z)
Dominic and Natalia (Sunday and Christmas)


Brayden and Riley
Charlie and Max
Errol and Ted
Filip and Marko
Fletcher and Archie
Fred and Harry
Huck and Wes
Hudson and Parker
James and Benjamin
Kyden and Javi
Luka and Stefan
Mesake and Alefosio
Micah and Eli
Miles and Hugh
Nickolas and Alexander
Omer and Yusuf
Thomas and Oliver
William and Sebastian

Amarley and Nevaeh
Billi and Zann
Charlotte and Madeline
Elizabeth and Abigail
Florence and Evelyn
Harper and Willow
Isabella and Eloise
Poppy and Bella
Rory and Elliot
Rose and Grace
Ruby and Matilda
Sophia and Vivienne
Zaylee and Nakiah

Boys and Girls
Anna and James
Emily and Jack
Indi and Zak
Kate and Michael
Lucia and Pero
Oliver and Audrey
Penelope and William
Rohan and Arya

INDIVIDUALISED TWINS (slightly different vibe for each name)

Two Boys
Chad and Oscar
Jayden and Etienne
Logan and Roy
Michael and Oshae
William and Rik

Two Girls
Alice and Rayne
Clarabelle and Sophie
Florence and Snow
Hadley and Lyra
Kelsie and Eliza
Violet and Frankie

Adam and Noor
Alliarna and Stanley
Boston and Violet
Chanel and Xavier
Darren and Olivia
Harvey and Allison
Jemmah and Dyson
Luna and Tenoch
Matthew and Rinoa
Quinton and Zara
Richie and Mila
Tenneessee and April
Venice and Sebastian


The most popular favourite way to name twins was choosing two names in a similar style, which 70% of people voted for. Only one person liked the idea of twins with very similar names.