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Jenny and Sam are expecting their third child in a few months, and already have a daughter named Tillie and a son named Texas.

Their favourite girl’s name is Saffy, and they also like Daisy, Violet, and Georgie. They would like two middle names for a girl, with the second middle name being Lynda to honour a beloved family member who has passed away. (Tillie also has two middle names).

Jenny is not sure what middle name should come before Lynda. So far she has thought of Saffy Lucy Lynda and Saffy Primrose Lynda, but isn’t set on either of them.

Jenny and Sam’s favourite boy’s name is Rafferty, and they also like Rowdy, Darcy, and Sullivan. The middle name they like is Theodore.

Jenny wonders what names sound the best together, how the girl’s middle names should be handled, and if there are any other great names they haven’t thought of that would make a good match with Tillie and Texas.

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I think Saffy is good choice – it’s one of those names that are unusual, yet don’t feel particularly strange. It makes a nice contrast with Tillie (not popular, but not uncommon) and Texas (rare, but nickname Tex is on the radar). Most importantly, it’s your favourite name!

I itch to know what Saffy is short for: a question you would probably hear from time to time. I think of Saffy from Ab Fab, which is short for Saffron, but lately have seen a number of baby girls named Sapphire, nicknamed Saffy or Saphy.

Georgie feels like a natural match with Tillie, but to me sounds a bit odd with Texas, as Georgie is usually short for Georgia. If I’d just been introduced to your family, I would wonder to myself if you’d called your children Georgia and Texas!

Daisy and Violet are nice too, but take your childrens’ names firmly into a “normal names for girls, unusual names for boys” direction. Which is fine, but does seem a departure from Tillie, Texas, and Saffy.

Other girls’ names that might fit in with Tillie and Texas are Posey, Romy, Winnie, Sadie, Scout, Cleo, June, Maisie, Mabel, Mae, Libby, Liv, and Luella.

I love the combination Saffy Primrose Lynda! Primrose has become a new go-to middle name; a style update on Rose. I think Saffy Primrose Lynda sounds very British, and a nice match with Tillie. Saffy Lucy Lynda is nice too, but a bit tongue-twistery for me to say easily.

Other middle names that are unusual botanicals include Saffy Marigold Lynda, Saffy Bluebell Lynda, Saffy Maple Lynda, Saffy Aster Lynda, Saffy Plum Lynda, Saffy Blossom Lynda, and Saffy Juniper Lynda.

Other combinations that might appeal are Saffy Clementine Lynda, Saffy Pearl Lynda, Saffy Juliet Lynda, Saffy Beatrix Lynda, Saffy Penelope Lynda, and Saffy Emmeline Lynda.

Rafferty Theodore seems absolutely perfect as a boy’s name – Tillie, Texas, and Rafferty is so cute. Rowdy also seems an awesome match with Texas, while Darcy is perhaps a bit popular next to it. I love Sullivan, but if you call him Sully for short, Tillie and Sully might perhaps be an issue – it would be circumvented if you nicknamed him Van instead.

Other boys’ names that might be cute with Tillie and Texas include Iggy, Ziggy, Alby, Dash, Zeke, and Otis. But I really think Rafferty Theodore hits the spot.

You still have a few months to firm up your baby name choices, but it sounds as if you are already doing pretty well. I can’t see you having any problems once the baby arrives.

UPDATE: The baby was a girl, and her name is Saffy!

POLL RESULTS: The public’s clear choices for the baby’s name were Saffy for a girl (52%), and Rafferty for a boy (58%). Their choice for a girl’s first middle name was Primrose (87%).