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2601_krugerlead_spTelevision host Sonia Kruger, and her partner Craig McPherson, welcomed their first child on January 24 and have named their daughter Maggie. Maggie is named after Sonia’s mother Margaret, and also after the baby on The Simpsons. Sonia says the reference will make sense to anyone who knows her family. Craig wasn’t sure that Maggie was a “baby name”, but then Sonia reminded him of Maggie Simpson.

Sonia first came to prominence playing Tina Sparkle in the 1992 film Strictly Ballroom, as well as acting as a ballroom consultant for the movie. She has hosted numerous television programmes over the years, notably as a co-host on Dancing with the Stars. Since 2012, she has been both the host of Big Brother, and co-host of Channel Nine’s daytime chat show, Mornings. Sonia’s co-host is David Campbell, who recently welcomed twins.

Craig is an executive producer on Channel Seven’s current affairs program, Today Tonight. He and Sonia have been together for more than six years, and have long tried to have a baby, with some attempts sadly ending in miscarriage. Maggie was conceived with IVF, using a donated egg, and she is a sister to Craig’s six children from his previous relationship.