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Chloe Marylin and Wesley Reginald
Kade Dean and Rylan Charles
Mali and Sierra-Leone

Amity June
Annabelle Lily
April Eloise
Arialla Mary
Ayla Sulana-Jean (Charlotte, Jack)
Belinda Emily (Jessica)
Brielle Stacey
Henley Jane (Isabella)
Eadie Monica
Elsie Margaret (Hunter, Milla)
Estelle Francesca (Rylan)
Eve Lila
Georgina Rose (Matilda Dolly)
Iona Elizabeth (William)
Isobel Sydney
Katerina (Emmanuel, Angela, Vassiliki)
Luella Joan
Madison Jude (Kadence)
Molly Amelia Mae
Poppy Faith
Wilma Grace (Alice)

Art Liam
Boston Jagger Gordon
Chace Less (Abby, Brodie)
Coast Jaxon
Dexter John (Roxanna)
Eddie Ryder (Jamie, Layla)
Fletcher Marcus (Jameson Ronald)
Franklin Haydn (Max, Eleanor)
George Hindley Francis
Jacoby Philip
Jock William (Isobel)
Kai Andres
Lachlan Tomadini
Roman James (Scarlett)
Rush McLaren
Sidney Desmond (Angus)
Sonny Abel (Noah)
Taidhg Riley (Naisen, Lewis)
Tate Cullen (Bodie)
Zander Zayne (Amaya)

(Picture shows a young player from the Redfern All Blacks, the oldest Aboriginal Rugby League Football Club in the country, believed to date back to the 1930s; photo from the Sydney Morning Herald)