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tumblr_na6oi2G0391se940oo1_500Fellow blogger Kara, from The Art of Naming, welcomed her daughter yesterday at 12.35 am, weighing 6lb 1oz (6.24 kg).

Kara was interviewed on Waltzing More Than Matilda yesterday, where clues to her daughter’s name were given, so if you followed all of them, you will know her name is


sister to Maximus Alexander.

Audrey and Juliet were names chosen because Kara and her husband love them, while Sophia is in honour of the baby’s aunt. Kara once thought she would never give her baby a Top 100 name, but has found that once you find the right name, popularity just isn’t that important.

Congratulations to Kara and her family! I think you’ll agree they have chosen a beautiful name for their daughter.