A-Streetcar-named-Desire-marlon-brando-30585945-705-539Mia wrote in recently to share the problems she was having coming up with a sibling name to match her son Bugsy. Since then, she has a front-runner for girls names, and is still mulling over boys names.

Manday commented on the original post that since Bugsy had been named in honour of Bugsy Malone, a movie that is special to his dad, maybe the next child could have a name from a book or movie that’s special to his mum.

Well, Mia would very much like to choose the name Marlon if the baby is a boy. Marlon Brando has been her favourite actor since she was ten, when she would watch A Streetcar Named Desire with her grandmother. Watching Marlon Brando movies continued being a little tradition for them, and seems like a wonderful connection with her grandma.

POLL RESULTS: Around 38% of people thought Bugsy and Marlon as brothers sounded a little too close to Bugsy Malone, but not enough to be a problem. An equal number hadn’t thought of it until they saw the poll. A clear majority of more than 63% said that sometimes it might be tacky to have sons named after a movie and a movie actor, but in this case it would be okay.

(Picture shows Marlon Brando as Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire)