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A selection of sibsets from the family tree of Claris Wells. You can see the complete family tree here. Simply click through each page to see all nine generations.


The Wells Family of Kent

Parents: Thomas and Alice Wells

  • Eliza
  • Ann
  • Thomas
  • Alice
  • Sarah
  • Mary
  • John
  • Jane
  • Susanna


The Wells Family of Ide Hill, Kent

Parents: Joseph and Rebecca Wells

  • Charlotte
  • Jane
  • Joseph
  • John Thomas
  • William
  • George
  • Isaac
  • Alfred
  • Harriet Emily (Harriet’s mother-in-law was named Philadelphia)
  • Mary Ann

The Walter Family of New Zealand

Parents: Elizabeth and George Walter (m. 1821)

  • Harriet
  • Thomas
  • Elizabeth
  • Henry Shilock
  • Sarah
  • Mary
  • Avice

The Wickens Family of Kent

Parents: Elizabeth and Edward Wickens

  • Twins John Wells Barden and Mary Thorp Barden
  • Barden Edward George
  • James Morgan Barden
  • Charlotte Katherine Barden

The Walter Family of Tonbridge, Kent

Parents: Henry and Hester Walter (m. 1852)

  • Eleanor Avis
  • George

The Steed Family of Kent

Parents: Mary and Robert Steed (m. 1868)

  • William
  • Elizabeth
  • Mary
  • Minnie
  • Amy
  • Robert
  • Hester

The Wells Family of Surrey

Parents: George and Martha Wells (m. 1870)

  • Rosa
  • Lily

The Wells Family of Plumstead, Kent

Parents: Isaac and Sophia Wells (m. 1870)

  • Arthur Isaac
  • Florence Ellen
  • Elizabeth
  • William Walter

The Wells Family of Essex

Parents: Alfred and Eliza Wells (m. 1870)

  • Alfred Edward
  • Mary Ann
  • Charles
  • Beatrice Eliza

The Smith Family of Kent

Parents: Mary and Benjamin Smith (m. 1877)

  • Miriam Rebecca
  • Olive Annetta
  • Maurice Rudolph
  • Lillian Wells
  • Mabel Sylvia

The Earl Family of Kent

Parents: Jane and John Earl (m. 1884)

  • Twins Archibald and Reginald
  • Arthur
  • Percival
  • Frederick

The Ward Family of Kent

Parents: Harriett and Frederick Ward (m. 1886)

  • Alfred Herbert
  • Ellen Frances
  • Mary Charlotte
  • Harriet
  • Thomas James
  • Elizabeth Jane
  • Marjorie
  • Rose Emily
  • Walter Henry
  • Frederick George

The Wells Family of Canada

Parents: Henry John and Lavinia Rosetta Wells

  • Susan
  • Henry John
  • Rosie Marie
  • Margaret Jane

The Wells Family of Sussex

Parent: Susanna Wells

  • Gertrude Susanna
  • Cecil
  • Ethel
  • Lillie


The Ward Family of Canada

Parents: Rosie Marie and Frederick George Ward

  • Ellen Frances
  • Lavinia
  • Frederick
  • Susan May
  • Elizabeth
  • Daisey

The Ward Family of Canada (2nd generation)

Parents: Susan and Frederick Ward

  • Emma
  • Doris
  • Joseph
  • Frank
  • Henry
  • Freda

The Johnson Family of Canada

Parents: Margaret and Joseph Johnson

  • George
  • Rosie
  • Thomas
  • Ernest
  • Florence
  • Elsie
  • Joseph
  • John

The Best Family of Australia

Parents: Sarah and Thomas Best (Sarah was a daughter of Claris Wells)

  • Elizabeth Sarah
  • Ivy May
  • Twins Gladys Maud and William Thomas
  • Daphne Margaret
  • Hazel Doreen
  • Pansy Myrtle

The Short Family of Australia

Parents: Sussannah and James Short (Sussannah was a daughter of Claris Wells)

  • Evelyn May
  • Roy James
  • Pearl Annie
  • Hazel Amy Maud
  • Keith Thomas
  • Myrtle Sarah
  • Harold George
  • Cecily Eton

The Gale Family of Australia

Parents: Ivy and Aubrey Gale (Ivy was a granddaughter of Claris Wells; Aubrey’s mother’s name was Mary Christmass)

  • May Doris
  • Leslie Thomas
  • Roma Joyce

The Douglas Family of Australia

Parents: Gladys and Roy Douglas (Gladys was a granddaughter of Claris Wells)

  • Phyllis Lorraine
  • Mervyn Laurence
  • Mavis Estelle
  • Neville Thomas
  • Robert John

The Best Family of Australia (2nd generation)

Parents: William and Constance Eveline Best (William was a grandson of Claris Wells)

  • Joan Patricia
  • Merylea May
  • Elaine Constance
  • Colin William
  • Raymond Thomas

The Wood Family of Australia

Parents: Hazel and Frank Wood (Hazel was a granddaughter of Claris Wells)

  • Raymond William
  • Barrington Duncan
  • Leslie George
  • Lillian May
  • Allen Burkinshaw
  • Kenneth Victor
  • Christine Frances

The Ward Family of Hampshire

Parents: Mark and Deborah Jane Ward (m. 1989)

  • Aaron Mark
  • Leah Jacqueline

(Picture is of the village of Leigh in Kent – the Wells family originated from this area; image from Old UK Photos)