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Matilda and Emily Atkinson, daughters of Lisa (Sydney)

Esther and Olivia Bailey, daughters of Wilamon and Harley (Ballarat, NSW)

Angus and Skye Barclay, children of Irene and David (Wollongong, NSW)

Findlay and Fergus Barnes, sons of Michelle (Sydney)

Bonnie and Lucinda Cranch, daughters of Lieneka and Simon, siblings to Zander, Archie and Marley (Sydney)

Jack and Oliver Dixon, sons of Katherine (Melbourne)

Gregory and Kiesena Georgetown, children of Gregory and Irene, siblings to Thomas, Tilly and Leala (Sydney) [pictured]

Thomas and Taj Latto, sons of Alisa and Alastair (Sydney)

Lenny and Nash Maguire, sons of Vanessa, brothers to Lila (Newcastle, NSW)

Maylia and Nahla Mahoney, daughters of Cas – Cas is a twin sister to Melissa (Canberra)

Phoebe and Harriet McIntyre, daughters of Jane, sisters to Lucy (Melbourne)

Scarlett and Jett Ramsay, children of Emma and Scott (Townsville, Qld)


Liam, Nash and Kobi Guthrie, sons of Karen and Scott, brothers to Thomas, Kayla and River (Bombala, NSW)

Mackenna, Madisyn and Mariyah King, daughters of Kimberlee and Takahi, sisters to Tane, Makaya and Taison (Sydney)

Imogen, Logan and Hannah Slater, children of Timmie and Aaron (Rockhampton, Qld)

Isaac, Dylan and Ailah Trama, children of Chenoa and Daniel, siblings to Jordan and Amali (Sunshine Coast, Qld)


Harry, Priyah, Baxter and Ruby Lawler, children of Suzy (Wagga Wagga, NSW)