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Billionaire casino mogul James Packer, and his wife Erica, welcomed a daughter on September 22, and have named her Emmanuelle Sheelah. The middle name honours Erica’s mother, who passed away last December after losing her battle with cancer. Emmanuelle Packer joins big sister Indigo, aged 4, and big brother Jackson, aged 2.

James is the son of late media mogul Kerry Packer, and grandson of Sir Frank Packer, who inherited the family media dynasty from his father, Robert Packer. The family’s fortune is reputed to have originated in a stroke of luck, when Robert found 10 shillings at a Tasmanian racetrack and put it on a winning horse at odds of 12-1. This gave him enough money to move to the mainland and begin his career as a journalist.

James inherited control of the family company, Consolidated Press Holdings Limited, and formerly was Executive Chairman of Publishing and Broadcasting Limited. Since his father’s death, he has moved away from the family’s traditional media business, and focused on creating a worldwide gambling empire, Crown Limited. The BRW Rich 200 lists him as the sixth richest person in Australia, and estimates his net worth as $5.21 billion. Forbes magazine has him listed as the fourth rich, with assets of $4.5 billion.

Erica (nee Baxter) is a former model and singer. She and James were married in 2007 on the French Riviera. Since her marriage, Erica has put her energy into  charitable causes.

The Packers have a knack of choosing names which can be turned into popular nicknames. Indigo to the hyper-trendy Indi, Jackson to perennial favourite Jack, and now Emmanuelle, which can become the ubiquitous Emmy, sharing its short form with Emily, Emma and Emerson.