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As a special treat, here is a selection of some of the more curious, cuckoo and cryptic search terms used to reach my blog. Despite the category this is in, most people did not get their question answered. Happy Father’s Day, and welcome to Google’s rich tapestry of wackiness.

Where can I find hiking map of Appellation Mountains?

The fact you can’t spell the name of the place you are hiking around concerns me. I don’t know why. It just does.

How many names are Lucy in the world?

Just one – Lucy.

What does the nickname Coco mean in the spiritual realm?

This was the most clearly written yet enigmatic query I received. Despite understanding every individual word perfectly, somehow this sentence makes no sense to me.

Why did they call it the First Fleet?

It was the first fleet of ships to arrive. Confusing, I know.

How much names are there?

Big lots.

Every nickname in Thailand

I couldn’t even tell you every nickname in Australia.

Ella and Ethan start with the same letter

Well spotted.

The meaning of the name Bluebell

It means “bluebell”.

I want a website with meanings for boys names only and I’m in a hurry

Go to babyboynamesonly.com, and then scroll through the menu on the left hand side to select the “Express Lane” option.

How did I get pregnant with twins?

My guess would be some form of sexual intercourse.

I have sex with girl only one time will she get pregnant I am Tamil?

Anyone know the Tamil for You’re having twins?

What was American culture like in the 2000s?

It only finished two years ago – can’t you still remember?

Top 19 girls names

I apologise for wasting your time with anything as hopelessly antiquated as the Top 20. However, could you not just put your finger over the last line?

Link and Zelda – good names for twins?

Please don’t.

The date of Jewish Easter

It’s the same day as Hindu Hanukkah and Scientologist Kwanza.

Hairy men in Mary, Christmas?

No question has perplexed me more than this one. I have absolutely no idea what they’re on about.

Tell me if Katie Virginia Mason is at her house can you show me her playing with Maddie her moms name is Lisa and her dad name Don she is a first grader

You’re scaring me.

Real Phoenix bird found

No it wasn’t.

Six girls and a rocket

Sounds like an awfully exciting adventure.

Are African boys named Bonny Basil?
Not all of them, or it would get too confusing.

How to encourage people to buy your teddy bear?

Only a monster would ever sell their teddy bear – a teddy is for life, not for eBay!

A picture of God in 1900

I think He looked the same then as He does now.

Pics of babies and children with a white mum and a dad who has Irish, Maori, Red Indian [sic] and Jamaican heritage

No way could you get all that information just from someone’s picture.

Should I call my pet turtle Sally?

Aww, that would be such a cute turtle name.