As the London Olympics are still on, the Celebrity Sibsets for this week had to be children of Olympians. These are sibsets of those Australian Olympians who have won a gold medal at past Olympic Games, and still have young children.

Alyson Annan – hockey (marital partner: Carole Thate)

Sam Henk Brian (2007) and Cooper (2008)

Lauren Burns – taekwondo (husband: Nathan Muller)

Mac Banjo (2009) and Piper (2010)

Jamie Dwyer – hockey (wife: Leoni Dwyer)

Julian (2008) and Taj (2010)

Grant Hackett – swimming (estranged wife: Candice Alley)

Jagger Emilio and Charlize Alley (twins 2009)

Chantelle Newbery – diving (husband Robert Newbery)

Jet (2002) and Ryder (2006)

Susie O’Neill – swimming (husband Cliff Fairley)

Alix (2004) and William (2006)

Kieran Perkins – swimming (estranged wife: Symantha Perkins)

Georgia (1997), Harry (1998) and Charlie (female – 2005)

Adam Pine – swimming (wife: Sasha Pine)

Maxmilian (2002), Buster (2004) and Xander Xavier Adam (2010)

Petria Thomas – swimming (husband: Julian Jones)

Aiden (2006) and Zara (2009)

Todd Woodbridge – tennis (wife: Natasha Woodbridge)

Zara Rose (2000) and Beau Andrew (2002)

(Photo shows Jamie Dwyer with his family; Jamie is competing at the London Olympics, where he has set an Australian Olympic goals record)