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Ironman champion Zane Holmes, and his wife Kai, welcomed twin girls Navah and Eden on June 22, born at 6.40 pm. They were only recently sent home from hospital. Navah and Eden Holmes are now officially the first celebrity twins for 2012.

Zane has been involved in Surf Lifesaving since the age of 5, and competing professionally since the he was 17. He is the only athlete ever to win all major Ironman titles, and apart from his athletic career, he runs Dolphin Surf Craft, which manufactures surf lifesaving equipment.

Kai (nee Woods) runs a fashion store called BIKINIi & me. She and Zane were married in 2005, and they live on the Gold Coast.

Navah is a Hebrew name which means “beautiful”; it’s also a Persian name which I have seen translated as “tune, melody”. Abby at Appellation Mountain recently covered the name Nevaeh as part of her (very popular) “Most Hated Names Week” series. I noticed that several people commented that they liked the sound of Nevaeh, but didn’t feel able to use a name that was slightly lacking in history and depth. I wonder if Navah might appeal more to them?

Eden is also a Hebrew name, and often translated as “delight” or “pleasure”, so the twins’ names seem very well matched.