Music artist Hau Lautukefu, and his wife Shani, welcomed their son Aki some months ago. Aki is also the name of one of Hau’s songs. Aki Lautukefu made his stage debut when Hau brought him out briefly to show him off to the crowd at the Come Together Festival at Sydney’s Luna Park on June 9.

Hau grew up in Queanbeyan, a regional city of New South Wales near Canberra. He formed a hip-hop outfit in the early 1990s, which was eventually named Koolism. The group put out their work independently until joining a record label in 2002, when their first album on CD was released. They had gained a loyal underground following, and their fan base expanded as they began putting on successful live shows. In 2004, Koolism won an ARIA Award for Best Urban Release, and in 2007 they were featured on the documentary Words from the City, aired on ABC Television. In 2008, Koolism were signed to Mushroom Records, and Hau became host of Triple J’s Hip Hop Show.

Shani Langi Lautukefu is marketing director at Play Communication. She and Hau have been married for five years.