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McCrindle Research has released its Top 100 baby names for 2011, a project which has been in abeyance for a few years; its return is very much welcomed.

They basically take all the data released by each state and territory and collate it into a national Top 100.

McCrindle count combined spellings, and as you can see, although Lily and Lilly are both declining, once you add the two together, Lily/Lilly is the most popular name for girls in Australia. I believe this is also the case in England/Wales, when spellings are combined.

Unfortunately, they have also combined Mila and Milla, which are two separate names – yet Jackson and Jaxon are not combined.

William is the #1 boy name, so there is a strong ILL sound in both top names.

After reading all the state and territory Top 100s, I don’t think much on this list will come as a huge surprise, but it is fantastic to have everything collected into one list, and this is an invaluable reference tool.

I have uploaded the original document onto the Links to Name Data page as a permanent resource.