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Yet another baby from 2011:

Deputy mayor of Port Adelaide-Enfield Council, Claire Boan, and her husband Jonathan, welcomed a daughter on June 22 last year named Mira.

As part of her deputy mayoral duties, Claire recently publicised a Port Adelaide campaign to convince parents to use cloth nappies instead of disposables. Each year 140 tonnes of disposable nappies are sent to landfill in Claire’s council alone, so it makes ecological sense for the council to provide a subsidised programme to offer parents the opportunity to make the switch. Claire uses cloth nappies herself for Mira, so she knows how simple modern cloth nappies are to fold and clean. Well done Port Adelaide for spearheading this environmental effort.

Claire’s husband Jonathan is a postgraduate student at the University of Adelaide. In a national study, Claire scored 79 out of a 100 on a Happiness Quotient test (the average is 57); she attributes her high levels of happiness to her husband and daughter. And chocolate.

Mira has been covered on the blog in Girls Names from Stars and Constellations. As well as being the name of a star, Mira is the feminine form of the Slavic name Miro (also covered on the blog), and is also a Sanskrit name meaning “sea, ocean”. This cross-cultural name could well increase in popularity, as Mila and Milla have.