ABC journalist Leigh Sales, and her husband, animator Phil Willis, welcomed their first child on January 20. Their son Daniel Oscar was born in Sydney at 12.50 am, weighing 4 kg (nearly 9 pounds), and 55 cm long.

Leigh joined the ABC in 1995, and became foreign correspondent to the United States in 2001, arriving in Washington shortly after 9/11. She covered stories such as the Iraq War, the 2004 presidential election, and Hurricane Katrina. She won a Walkley Award for her report on Guantanamo Bay, and wrote a book about Guantanamo Bay detainee David Hicks, Detainee 002. It won the George Munster Award for Independent Journalism. In 2008 she became the presenter of late night current affairs show, Lateline, and last year was chosen as co-host of the ABC’s flagship news and current events programme, the 7.30 Report. She has a blog called Well Redhead, where she recommends interesting articles.

Phil was a software engineer for fourteen years before a career change in 2010 saw him become an animator. He worked on the film Happy Feet 2. Phil also has his own blog.

Leigh and Phil met at Queensland University of Technology, where they were both students. They have been married more than 15 years.