Craig Dontas, who drives for Thirsty Camel Racing, and his wife Renee, welcomed a baby boy in March, named Zac Michael. Zac joins big brother Samual. Zac Dontas has already been mentioned on the blog, in the entry Boys Names That Only Chart in Australia.

Grant Johnson, the reigning V8 Ute champion, and his wife Belinda, welcomed a baby boy in June, named Elliot. Elliot joins big sister Amanda. Grant and Belinda apparently allowed themselves the full 60 days after Elliot’s birth to choose a name, and Belinda stipulated the name couldn’t start with the letter J, or “sound like a NASCAR driver”. The interviewer pointed out there is actually a NASCAR driver named Elliot – Elliot Sadler.

(Photo is of Craig Dontas with his eldest son, Samual).