A keen National Rugby League fan has just sent me a news clipping about a baby born last month that I seem to have missed.

Canberra Raiders co-captain Alan Tongue, and his wife Katie, had a baby boy weighing 3.78 kg on Tuesday April 12 at 3.20 am at Calvary Hospital.

It’s sometimes said that as soon as you see your new-born baby, you instinctively know what to call them. That prophecy may not always work out, but in this case, it did. Alan took one look at his first-born son, and immediately knew what to call him – Gem.

”When I saw him, I thought that’s what he is, a little Gem,” said Alan.

”We didn’t get it from anywhere, it was just something that came up when you go looking through baby names.

”It was something that we liked and was pretty unique, so we just thought let’s go with it.

”We loved it.”

Gem Tongue joins big sisters Becky (aged 5), and Heidi (age 3).

Tongues in Canberra are already wagging about the choice of Gem on a boy, and how the name Gem Tongue will be received in the school yard.