28c1961a8ac4361d4f6123c9c2aff715Singer Kate Miller-Heidke, and her husband, musician Keir Nuttall, welcomed their son Ernie Edward Miller on June 2 [pictured]. Kate is a classically trained singer who has gone on to have mainstream success as an alternative pop singer since the early 2000s. Kate has also written a award-winning opera called The Rabbits, based on the children’s book by John Marsden, which was performed at the Perth Festival last year. She has performed in an interactive digital song cycle for The Book of Sand at the Holland Festival in 2015, and been in the ABC comedy opera drama series The Divorce. Kate’s backing band is named Transport, and her husband Keir is the guitarist.

Crossfit trainer Revie Jane, and her husband Clayton Schulz, welcomed their daughter Lexington Louise on April 9. Revie Jane runs Crossfit Babes Miami on the Gold Coast and has a strong online presence.