Author and business coach Denise Duffield-Thomas, and her husband Mark, welcomed their daughter Willow on February 22. Willow arrived a week early just as her mother was preparing to give a business presentation on Skype, and despite this eagerness to be born, she is such a relaxed baby that they call her “Chillow Willow”.

Denise is the author of Lucky Bitch: A Guide for Exceptional Women to Achieve Outrageous Success, and the CEO of LuckyBitch.com. Mark is the commercial director of the Newcastle Jets Football Club. Denise and Mark attempted the Guiness World Record for “most married couple”, and have been married 87 times in more than a dozen countries. (The current world record for a single couple to be married is 107 times, I think).

The name Willow seems to be giving newspapers problems deciding gender, because the headline for Willow’s birth suggested she was a boy named Willow. Meanwhile, singer Wes Carr has a son named Willow, and stories about him in the press regularly mention his “daughter Willow”.