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We’ve already looked at the popular names Australia shares with the United States, and England/Wales, and Elea from British Baby Names suggested that it might be a good idea to compare the Top 100s of Australia and Scotland, in case they had more in common. So here we go.


Similar Level of Popularity (within 10 places of each other)

Alex, Alexander, Archie, Caleb, Charlie, Declan, Ethan, Finn, Jack, James, Jayden, Liam, Luke, Mason, Max, Michael, Oliver, Ryan, Tyler

More Popular in Australia (11-40 places higher)

Angus, Benjamin, George, Harrison, Jacob, Jake, Joshua, Luca, Lucas, Noah, Oscar, Samuel, Thomas, William

Much More Popular in Australia (more than 40 places higher)

Blake, Cooper, Isaac, Jackson

More Popular in Scotland (11-40 places higher)

Aidan, Aiden, Christopher, Connor, Daniel, Dylan, Harry, Joseph, Kai, Leo, Logan, Matthew, Muhammad, Nathan, Owen, Riley, Zac

Much More Popular in Scotland (more than 40 places higher)

Adam, Andrew, Callum, Cameron, David, John

Not on Scottish Boys Top 100

Ali, Anthony, Archer, Ashton, Austin, Bailey, Beau, Braxton, Charles, Chase, Christian, Darcy, Dominic, Edward, Eli, Elijah, Flynn, Gabriel, Hamish, Hayden, Henry, Hudson, Hugo, Hunter, Jasper, Jaxon, Jesse, Jonathan, Jordan, Lachlan, Levi, Lincoln, Marcus, Mitchell, Nate, Nicholas, Patrick, Ryder, Sebastian, Toby, Xavier, Zachary

Not on Australian Boys Top 100

Aaron, Alfie, Arran, Ben, Blair, Brodie, Calum, Calvin, Cody, Cole, Euan, Evan, Ewan, Finlay, Fraser, Harris, Jamie, Jay, Josh, Jude, Kaiden, Kayden, Kian, Kieran, Kyle, Leon, Lewis, Mark, Murray, Ollie, Olly, Reece, Rhys, Robbie, Robert, Rory, Ross, Ruaridh, Sam, Scott, Sean, Shay


Similar Level of Popularity (within 10 places of each other)

Amelia, Ava, Chloe, Emily, Emma, Eva, Evie, Grace, Hannah, Layla, Lily, Mia, Olivia, Paige, Sofia, Sophia, Sophie, Summer

More Popular in Australia (11-40 places higher)

Abigail, Alexis, Alice, Alyssa, Bella, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Ella, Georgia, Isabella, Lilly, Madison, Maya, Rose, Ruby, Sarah, Zara, Zoe

Much More Popular in Australia (more than 40 places higher)

Imogen, Jasmine, Scarlett, Sienna, Willow

More Popular in Scotland (11-40 places higher)

Amelie, Caitlin, Elise, Eve, Holly, Isla, Jessica, Lola, Lucy, Molly, Poppy

Much More Popular in Scotland (more than 40 places higher)

Amber, Amy, Anna, Ellie, Kayla, Lacey, Lauren, Leah, Skye

Not on Scottish Girls Top 100

Aaliyah, Addison, Alexandra, Angelina, Annabelle, Aria, Audrey, Charlie, Chelsea, Claire, Ebony, Eden, Eliza, Eloise, Evelyn, Gabriella, Harper, Hayley, Heidi, Indiana, Isabelle, Ivy, Jade, Josephine, Lara, Lillian, Mackenzie, Maddison, Madeleine, Mariam, Matilda, Mikayla, Mila, Milla, Olive, Phoebe, Piper, Samantha, Savannah, Stella, Tahlia, Victoria, Violet

Not on Australian Girls Top 100

Abbie, Aimee, Ayla, Beth, Brooke, Cara, Carly, Daisy, Darcy, Eilidh, Emilia, Erin, Faith, Freya, Gracie, Hollie, Iona, Julia, Kara, Katie, Keira, Lexi, Lexie, Lois, Lucie, Maisie, Maria, Megan, Millie, Mirren, Mollie, Mya, Niamh, Nicole, Orla, Rachel, Rebecca, Robyn, Rosie, Taylor

As it turns out, Australia shares 56 boys names and 61 girls names in the Top 100 with Scotland. This means that our boys list is less Scottish that English or American, and our girls names more English than Scottish, but more Scottish than American.

The Scottish Top 100 certainly makes interesting reading – I think I was imagining it as much like England/Wales with some Gaelic names thrown in, but it has a flavour all its own, with quite a few surprises.