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Biggest Movers Up

  1. Amelia +11
  2. Isabella +10
  3. Isabelle +9
  4. Zoe +8
  5. Madison/Maddison +7

Also Up

Isla, Scarlett, Emily, Sophia, Lily

Amelia gained the most popularity, going up 11 places to make #1. This does remind me of an article from last year, which said that Amelia proved an across-the-board favourite in Sydney. This name is increasingly rapidly in popularity in the US, and is already #1 in the UK, so it doesn’t seem outrageous to predict it reaching that position here too. Isabella and Isabelle also did very well, after Isabella had a fall last year (said to be because Twilight came to an end; no word on what has made it more popular again). New to the Top 20 – Isla, Scarlett and Sophia.

Biggest Movers Down

  1. Charlie -21 at least
  2. Ava -13
  3. Lucy -9
  4. Ruby -9
  5. Mia and Sophie -8

Also Down

Ella, Chloe, Hannah, Olivia, Grace, Sienna, Charlotte, Emma

Charlie has fallen dramatically, not just off the Top 20, but right off the Top 40. Interestingly, Charlotte fell slightly too. Lucy, Emma and Hannah also left the Top 20. Ava dropped more than 10 places; maybe Eva is rising to take its place?

New to the Top 20

  • Isla #15
  • Scarlett #16
  • Sophia #17

Gone from the Top 20

  • Lucy #14
  • Emma #19
  • Charlie #20
  • Hannah #20