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Biggest Movers Up

  1. Harper +72 at least
  2. Bella +35
  3. Mackenzie +34
  4. Pippa +28 at least
  5. Ebony +21 at least
  6. Victoria +21
  7. Mila +20
  8. Rose +20
  9. Paige +18
  10. Sophia +15

Also Up

Alexandra, Audrey, Ava and Evelyn, Eva and Eve, Eden, Emily, Layla, Kayla, Elizabeth, Isla, Savannah, Sofia, Bonnie, Millie, Billie, Charlie, Willow, Sara, Natalie, Kiara, Madeleine, Maddison, Maya, Mia, Molly, Zoe

Up Slightly

Alice, Eliza, Emma, Evie, Gemma, Hayley, Imogen, Isabelle, Jade, Jasmine, Lola, Ruby, Scarlett, Sophie, Stella, Stephanie, Summer

Victoria Beckham’s daughter Harper seems to have made a real impression on Victorian parents, and Mrs Beckham’s own name was also one of the biggest risers. You can see Victoria and Sophia as “royal sounding” names, but commoner Pippa Middleton seems to have won more hearts than any of the royals (although Elizabeth, Isla and Savannah all went up the charts). Isabella may have gone down, but Bella is surging upward. Eden and Eve seem inspired by Genesis, and while flower names in general seem to have wilted slightly, the lovely Rose is blooming. Back in the charts with a bang were long-time favourites Ebony and Kayla, who obviously have life in them yet.

Biggest Movers Down

  1. Samantha -68
  2. Abbey -43
  3. Amelie -30
  4. Isabel -30
  5. Mikayla -37
  6. Caitlin -27
  7. Holly -27
  8. Charli -20
  9. Lara -20
  10. Anna -19

Also Down

Abigail and Abby, Alana, Alexis, Alyssa, Amber, Angelina, Addison, Annabelle, Isabella, Caitlin, Claire, Georgia, Heidi, Daisy, Poppy, Violet, Olive, Lily, Lilly, Leah, Lucy, Madeline, Ella, Ellie, Jessica, Sienna, Zara


Down Slightly

Amy, Charlotte, Grace, Madison, Olivia, Phoebe, Tahlia

Samantha dropped the most places at 68, and fell off the list altogether. The #2 biggest fall from Abbey also took off her list, and Abby and Abigail fell too. In fact, A names in general didn’t do so well, with Amelie and Alana dropping from the list, and Addison, Anna and Alyssa falling significantly. Olive only debuted last year, and is already falling – perhaps a bit of “getting too popular” jitters, or another plant name to suffer; Daisy dropped her petals and her place on the list. Lara was the biggest riser in the ACT, but the name of Sydney socialite Lara Bingle fell 20 places in Victoria. While Kayla bounced back, Mikayla plunged.

No Change in Position

  • Chloe (4)
  • Amelia (8)
  • Matilda (16)
  • Hannah (20)
  • Ivy (27)
  • Milla (35)
  • Piper (75)
  • Indiana (78)

New to the List

  • Harper (29)
  • Pippa (73)
  • Billie (97)
  • Millie (99)
  • Bonnie (100)

While the celebrity names did best out of the newbies, down the bottom of the list are sweet retro names Bonnie and Millie, and Billie, which sounds like a cross between them. Millie and Bonnie have both been steadily rising in NSW, but I expected them to make the Top 100 in Victoria first. They managed to squeak in and prove me right by a whisker.

Back on the List

  • Ebony (80)
  • Kayla (88)
  • Sara (90)
  • Natalie (91)
  • Kiara (95)

Gone from the List

  • Amelie (64)
  • Mikayla (67)
  • Alana (73)
  • Samantha (75)
  • Caitlin (77)
  • Abbey (78)
  • Abby (98)
  • Angelina (98)
  • Daisy (98)