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These are names from the British languages of Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Scotland and Brittany. I’ve called the list “British-ish” because many of the names have been Anglicised or are otherwise “inspired” by these languages rather than being strictly authentic. If you’re thinking there are many names missing, they could well turn up on other lists … Pronunciations and origins to the best of my knowledge.


Aneira (Welsh)

Aoife (EEF-ya – Irish)

Ashleen (variant modern Irish)

Bree (Anglicised Irish)

Bridget (Anglicised Irish)

Cailin (ka-LEEN – faux-Irish)

Carys (modern Welsh)

Ciara (KEE-ruh – Irish)

Eilish (EE-leesh – Anglicised Irish)

Fianna (fee-ANN-uh – Irish)

Isibeal (ISH-ih-bale – Irish)

Maela (MAH-el-uh – Breton)

Niamh (NEEV – Irish)

Nimueh (NIM-oo-ay – variant mythological Welsh)

Rhiannon (mythological Welsh)

Saoirse (SEER-sha – modern Irish)

Seren (modern Welsh)

Shayla (faux-Irish)

Sian (SHAHN – Welsh)

Sinead (SHIN-ayd – Irish)

Siobhan (SHIV-on – Irish)

Tegan (modern Welsh)



Braith (Welsh?)

Brendan (Latinised Irish)

Bryn (Welsh)

Cadel (Welsh)

Caelan (KAY-len – Anglicised Irish)

Cian (KEEN – Irish)

Cillian (KIL-ee-an – Irish)

Denzel (variant Cornish?)

Duncan (Scottish)

Eamon (AY-mon – Irish)

Eoghan (O-in – Scottish/Irish)

Ewan (Anglicised Scottish/Irish)

Fergus (Anglicised Scottish/Irish)

Finlay (Anglicised Scottish/Irish)

Fionn (FIN – Irish)

Griffin (Latinised Welsh)

Ian (Scottish)

Jock (Scottish)

Kormak (variant Scottish/Irish)

Lorcan (Irish)

Malachy (MAL-uh-kee – Irish)

Morgan (Anglicised Welsh)

Neil (Irish/Scottish)

Oistin (OHS-teen – Irish)

Ronan (Irish)

Ruairidh (RAWR-ee – Irish)

Seirian (modern Welsh)

Shea (SHAY – Anglicised Irish)

Talisyn (variant mythological Welsh)

Taryn (variant modern Welsh?)

Tighe (TYGE – Irish)