Princess Mary and Prince Frederik of Denmark have released the name of their twins, born January 8 2011 and christened April 14 2011. Their new son is called Prince Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander, and their new daughter is called Josephine Sophia Ivalo Mathilda. Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine join siblings Prince Christian Valdemar Henri John (age 5) and Princess Isabella Henrietta Ingrid Margrethe (age 3). There will be a full report about the royal twins on the blog for Mother’s Day.

Media personality Suzie Wilks and her husband, businessman Nick O’Halloran, had their first baby on April 9; a girl called Ruby Ann O’Halloran. Ruby weighed 4.08kg (9lb) and was 54cm long. Suzie and Nick married last August.

Lifeguard from reality TV series Bondi Rescue Dean “Deano” Gladstone and his wife, former champion ironwoman Lilli, had their first baby recently; a girl called Lucinda May Gladstone. Lucinda’s birth was officially announced in the April 18 edition of New Idea magazine.