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stlouisCamille and Nicholas are expecting their third child in a few months, and as they already have two boys, had a girl’s name all ready to go – Matilda. However, they are due to have another son to join Ignatius and Louis, so they are trying to think of a name for him that will match his brothers, and also not clash with Matilda should they have a girl later on.

Their Name List

  • Cassius, nickname Cash – Nicholas likes this one but Camille isn’t keen on another name ending with S
  • Oscar
  • Peter

Eliminated from the List

Camille loves the name Ringo, but acknowledges they need something more traditional

They don’t want another name beginning with I or L, or a name in the US Top 10, although they don’t usually go for popular names in general. They may use Fitzgerald, a family name, in the middle position.

Camille and Nicholas have been looking at a lot of saints’ names for inspiration, and are seeking some fresh ideas.

Their surname starts with J and ends with N eg Jordan.

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Although I think Cassius is a great choice, and don’t see any huge problems with all three of your children having names that end in S, I can understand why you are reluctant. Should you have a fourth son, would you feel compelled to call him Thaddeus to fit in? If so, you’ve got yourself a theme. It’s not as obvious as if all their names started with S, but it’s noticeable enough. You probably feel that you’d rather break the pattern now than wait for the next boy to arrive.

I think Oscar is brilliant – it’s another saint name, it sounds good with Ignatius and Louis without seeming matchy, and it fits well with your surname. As long as you both like the name, I think this is a definite keeper.

I do like the name Peter very much, and he’s a heavy-duty saint to join Ignatius and Louis. To be honest though, I feel that Peter (which was in the US Top 100 for more than a century) sounds very generic with your surname. If you want to use it, I would pick two or three highly unusual middle names in order to prevent identity theft.


Cassian “Cash”

This is an obvious replacement for Cassius, and a variant of the same name. There were also saints named Cassian, and it can be said KASH-uhn, to get the nickname Cash (although KAS-ee-uhn is equally correct). I’m not sure how well Cassian goes with your surname though.

Casper “Cash”

I think this sounds a bit more hip than its English form Jasper, and is not only a saint, but one of the Three Wise Men. I love the way Casper sounds with Ignatius and Louis, and also with your surname and the potential middle name. According to Abby at Appellation Mountain, Cash can be used as a nickname for Casper.


You might think this name is too popular, and perhaps it doesn’t seem so stylish in the US. But I love the way it sounds with your boys and with your surname. Gabriel is not just a saint, he’s an angel – and there is a literary connection too. Ignatius is the middle name of Arthur Conan Doyle, and Louis of Robert Louis Stevenson; Gabriel is the middle name of another mysterious 19th century author: Jules Verne.


Like Peter, Felix is a papal name, and I think it fits great with your sibset. Yet although it doesn’t end with an S, the letter X actually ends with an S sound. Does this make it unusable?


Theodore was also a pope – Peter was the first pope, but Theodore was the first African pope, which seems pretty cool. Like Felix, this name is gently rising in popularity, and is an excellent match with your sons.


I think this rounds out your sibset nicely, and is one of those names which has a meaning denoting strength, but a rather soft and gentle image. Like Ignatius it is of Roman origin, and like Louis it has a French sound to it.

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It can become harder to choose baby names as the size of your family increases – especially if you want them to sound well-matched, and even more so when they are all of one gender.

You have chosen such a stylish sibset already, so I’m sure you will be able to pick another great name for your third son.

Please write in again if you need to, and remember to let us know what name you eventually choose.

(Picture shows Saint Louis leaving for the Crusades)